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Exhibition Area with product and service stalls for breweries. It is designed for all companies that offer a product or service, necessary for the production or distribution of craft beer. The best opportunity to show and position yourself in a market in continuous growth.




With its technical services and after-sales network distributed across Spain, Agrovin offers the equipment necessary to make beer, from the brewhouse and warehouse through to bottling.


Easybräu-Velo is the division of TMCI Padovan dedicated to the craft beer. Small and medium breweries and brewpubs from 1 to 40 hl, complete plants from 50 to 100 hl.


With us, you will find a solution that will adapt to your growth. You will not have to finance an oversized plant designed to satisfy a  mortgage of future growth. With SIMATEC you will have a plant that is sized for what you need today but is able to grow with you. Our concept of modularity allows the brewery to have a brewhouse that is always adequate for the real production need.


AgronetBrewing, a company specialized in the distribution of products for breweries, offers the best service, advice and customer service to ease the work of all companies in the sector.


Brew & Hub of Mahou San Miguel is a collaborative space that offers 360º services for the beer and beverage sector. The true value of the Brew & Hub lies in the versatility of its facilities, services, product offering and quality control. Our plants can produce a wide variety of finishes. In addition, we offer cutting-edge technology to personalize your product on-site throughout the entire process, from design to packaging and labeling.


Design and manufacture of machinery with the most advanced technology to dispense pre- and post-mixed drinks (beer, soft drinks, juice, wine, water, etc.) Coolers, columns, taps and accessories.


Polarclean is a simple yet innovative push-fit drinks dispense range, conceptualized and developed by John Guest. The improved of Polarclean compared to traditional ‘contact’ cooling, allows pubs, bars and restaurants to serve extra cold beer at every pour, without a cold-room or secondary cooling device.


Molina for Brewers is on the brewer’s side to help them to develop new products, offering the most recognized brands of specialty ingredients, for brewing the best beers, with quality service and the best services like Oculyze to optimize the business. 24/7 available to brewers in our online store


Wild Goose Filling designs and builds precision canning and bottling lines for the unique needs of craft brewers.  With canning and bottling systems that expand to faster speeds, and options from the entry-level Gosling™ system to higher volume machines like the new Wild Goose Fusion™ Counter Pressure Canning System, Wild Goose supports your brewery now and into the future.


IntermaltCraft was born in 2020 with the aim of satisfying the needs of the most demanding craft brewer, with a specific line of malts to accompany them in the task of making their best beer. We promote the cultivation of proximity to the malting plant, we support local development, sustainability and the reduction of emissions related to transport. “To make the best beer you need the best malt”.


American Beer Equipment (ABE), located in the Heartland of America, has a very simple mission; “Be THE worldwide leader in designing, manufacturing, and supplying craft brewing equipment.”


BWT: We understand water, we understand beer. Water is the main component of beer and one of the most critical in its production. The elimination of chlorine and odours, the control of alkalinity or the seasonal variation of the mineral composition are some of the aspects that can affect the quality of the beer.


Established in 1868, Castle Malting ® is the oldest malting company in Belgium and one of the oldest in the world. We offer a wide range of premium quality malts for any type of beer or whiskey: more than 80 types of base and special malts, also available in organic versions.

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Cerveceros de España, Asociación Española de Técnicos de Cerveza y Malta, Escuela Superior de Cerveza y Malta.

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Hop Wear

Why Hop Wear? Because at Hop Wear we design to measure, listening to the ideas of the brewer; comparing them with the competition in the craft beer market and proposing new and fresh concepts that are best adapted to meet the design expectations placed on us.

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Leading company in Controlled Fermentation and Refrigeration Chambers. In addition to dedicating ourselves to distribution, both in Catalonia and in the rest of Spain and abroad, the company also offers its clients Installation, Consulting and Technical Assistance services.

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Maltas Seleccionadas, S.L. distributes raw materials to the craft brewery sector while operating as a representative of M. Dingemans, a Belgian malting plant of international prestige. The company also distributes hops of various origins as well as Fermentis and Lallemand yeasts, cereal flakes and Keykeg kegs. Product listings may be requested via the website or by email.

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SICOPACK offers comprehensive packaging solutions particularly in the beverages and food areas , with specific equipment for craft sector as cans, bottles and barrels in the beer and wine sector. SICOPACK offers technical advice to its clients to guarantee the performance of their packaging lines in the long term. Likewise, we have expert and highly qualified technical staff for the installation and start-up of the equipment and / or complete packaging lines, as well as the spare parts and consumables for their correct operation.

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Apiglass is a company with more than 30 years of experience in the world of distribution of glass containers and kegs for the beer sector, We distribute the following brands.
-Lightweight Containers, disposable kegs from Keykeg and Unikeg .
-Ba Glass, glass bottles and containers.
-Wiegand, various colours of glass bottles from 0.33cl to 75cl.
-Stress, all types of beer caps including custom caps.
-Edard, all types of mechanical plugs, including customized.
-Ecofass, kegs with interchangeable bag.

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Our production and facilities are located in the Czech Republic and we have more than 20 years of experience in the brewing industry. We supply brewing equipment such as water deaeration, blending, carbonation, nitrogenation, dosing and CIP. Bucher Unipektin AG Competence Center Filtration, formerly Bucher Filtrox Systems AG,is your partner of choice, offering you the latest technology and proven experience in beer filtration, stabilization and recovery.
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Beer Events SL was founded in 2012 by 4 partners with links to the craft beer sector since the 1990s. Originally, it born as a response to organising the “Barcelona Beer Festival”, but has gradually expanded, specialising in the management of events linked to craft beer.

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Company specializing in the supply of beverages since 1996. The sale and distribution of technical material for production, fabrication and dispensing of beverages, including beer, wine, coffee, vermouth and many others. More than 30 years’ technical service experience with the dispensing of beer and other beverages.


Cloud software for the management of breweries, easy to use and very intuitive, among its main features are: – Provides the data to the SILICIE system – Provides Processing costs – Traceability – Stock control


We are a group of producers that have come together with the clear objective of offering top quality hops that are free from traces of chemical products. We are earth. We are craftsmanship. We are experimentation. We are technique. We are ecology. An ideal product to make high quality craft beer.


m+f KEG – TECHNIK GmbH & Co. KG is a German company specialised in designing machines to wash and fill kegs and all the equipment related to beer and drinks kegs with over 45 years’ experience.


Management software for craft beer factories. We are the most complete management system designed exclusively for breweries. With Gestión Cervecera (Beer Management) you can consolidate all thenecessary information for the administration, control and decision making needed for your business.

National Collection of Yeast Cultures – NCYC

Pure Fresh Liquid Yeast prepared to order for each customer – ready to pitch quantities. Extensive strain collection. Regular culture supply. Yeast Bank for brewers, NCYC cares and preserves your brewing yeast strains. Laboratory services, strain isolation and purification.


GEA is one of the biggest worldwide producers of technology for food and drinks processing across a wide variety of industries. They specialise in machinery, plants and process technology and components, providing sustainable solutions for production processes.


A big challenge in the brewing process is the lack of immediacy, accurate, and actionable information on analyzes. Traditional methods of analysis or their outsourcing which limit the brewer with long waiting times for results. These limitations make it difficult to control spoilage microorganisms in time, which can lead to inefficient production, the release of batches of beer with risk of contamination and even possible the contamination of your facilities. BioMérieux with VERIFLOW and GENE-UP BREW technology offers to the beer sector solutions for the detection of spoilage bacteria and wild yeasts, which make it possible to protect beer quality by detecting spoilage microorganisms in less than 4 hours, in any stage of production and in any type of beer. bioMérieux helps you to take control of your beers.


With over 40 years’ experience, Reyvarsur Dispensing is dedicated to providing solutions for the dispensing of keg beverages. Extensive technical knowledge and a mastery of technology allow us to develop projects and complete solutions to facilitate our clients’ work.

Rius i Rius

Consultancy firm specialized in the management of permits, authorizations and declarations for breweries: Sanitary Register, CAE (Code of Activity and Establishment), environmental licenses, Special Tax Accounting Books (new system SILICIE). Agro-industrial engineering, study, advice and technical execution of brewery projects, industrial safety, food quality, etc.


Landaluce is a family business founded in 1948. Found in more than 70 countries and working for the most important breweries, it has the best technology across the craft brewery sector.



Official distributors in Catalonia for 3 Fonteinen, Cloudwater, Lervig, Fuerst, Popihn, Alefarm, Amundsen, Fraugruber, Pohjala, Poppels, Gamma, Kernel, Magic Rock, Beavertown, Kees, Brewski, Dry&Bitter, Uiltje, Wild Beer, Pochs, Hopsters, De Molen, Alvinne, LHG, O/O… Contact us and we will be able to provide you with advice.


Imports and official distribution channel for some of the most renowned factories such as Northern Monk, Broaden & Build, Thornbridge, Deya, Buxton, Lambrate, Moor or BBNo. Our client list also includes national companies such as La Pirata, Cyclic, Lo Vilot and Dougall’s among others. 3000m3 area for cold storage. We provide advice, installation and maintenance for taps. Offices and warehouses in Barcelona and Madrid.


Imports and distribution since 2004. Passion and care the beer and is our main target. More than 500m2 of refrigerated chamber. Network directly or through our collaborators for all Spain.
We work with brands from Germany, Belgium, Uk, Italy…with brands like Ayinger, St. Georgenbrau, Sieman, Rulles, Senne,…We are specialtyzed in lambic such as Cantillon, Oud Beersel, Tilquin and wild ales nationals like Agullons, Segarreta, Mager, Santa Pau… as well as other reference beers as Cierzo, Dougalls, Basqueland, Caleya, Garage…


Since 1965, we have imported and distributed the best brands of craft beer nationwide. We take care of the product from its origin, importing and storing it cold. We are EXPERTS in the sector, with a WIDE RANGE and a QUALITY SERVICE that define us. ROGUE, LUPULUS, DUVEL, BARCELONA BEER COMPANY, DUPONT, NOGNE, CANTILLON, VAL-DIEU, BEERCAT…


Crusat S.A. we import and distribute beers. We select the best brands to distribute them through our network of collaborators throughout the country. We carry out tastings, brand presentations, hospitality training. Stone Brewing, Buenaveza, Collective Arts Brewing, Almogàver, Weihenstephaner, Chimay, St Bernardus, Gulden Draak.


We import Canadian craft beer to Europe. Our inventory includes Canadian ciders, and beers from USA and European countries. We are based in Europe and North America. We have a warehouse in Barcelona and our company’s strategic location in Montreal allows us to act as a link between both continents.


We are official importers throughout the peninsula of Verdant, Burnt Mill, Pressure Drop, Brekeriet, Wander Beyond, Boundary, Bionoc, Superstition Meadery and Partizan; and distributors in Catalonia of Wylam, Track, North Brewing, Pomona, Piggy. We traffic with local beers such as Soma, Garage, Freddo Fox, Naparbier, Laugar, Ales Agullons, Màger, Caravelle, Castelló Beer Factory, Attik, Flybrew, Undarius, Gro Brewers and Moska. We distribute throughout the peninsula. 600m3 cold room, cold delivery service and advice.


Your beer needs a Brand Ambassador; even if you don’t know it yet. Try Nifty Beer Crew.


Distributors of imported and national craft beer since 2012. We work with the country’s key importers as well as distributing several of the best-known national craft beers directly in Aragon. We have a chilled warehouse.


GECAN – Gremi Elaboradors Cervesa Artesana i Natural

In 2011 GECAN was constituted as an association with the name of Guild of Artisan and Natural Beer Producers to have legal recognition and a framework to defend the interests of breweries, as well as the quality of the products they make and at the same time promote culture and consumption. We were nine breweries; Today we are almost 45.

ACV – Associació de Cerveseres Valencianes
La asociación de Cerveceras Valencianas was founded in June 2016 with the aim of promoting Valencian Craft Beer as a local and quality product.
ACAIB – Associació Cerversers Artesans de les Illes Balears
A recently created Association eager to make visible the work that is done in the Balearic Islands in the craft sector. Integrated by 12 breweries to date, and with the intention of advancing toward a unified basis as a sector.
We are the Basque Brewers Association, a non-profit association created in 2014. Basque beer producers join forces to defend and promote our beers. We have a collective brand that distinguishes quality and origin: Euskal Garagardoa – Basque Beer

AECAI – Asociación Española Cerveceros Artesanos Independientes

Asociación Española de Cerveceros Artesanos Independientes (AECAI) was born from the need to bring together the members of the craft beer sector in Spain, which has experienced remarkable growth in recent years. The birth of the group must be placed on June 7, 2014, with the intention of defining, promoting and defending the craft beer sector and its associates. The common commitment of craft brewers to beer quality, sustainability and the development of the local economy and culture are the pillars of this association.


This convention of brewing knowledge and innovation will be presented across several spaces hosting training sessions, presentations and round tables for thought-provoking discussion.

InnTalks are the annual meeting point where you can discover new trends, train, reflect and finally grow professionally both individually and corporately.


This concept tries to enhance networking across all activities.

The InnMeet is a permanent connection network, created to promote professional links and maximize the number of contacts. Each attendee will have access to an App, where they will be able to contact other professionals, request meetings and set their own agenda.




At the Keykeg Cornhole Cup, Breweries teams compete against each other to raise the cup and be named as the best Cornhole team of the year.