Barcelona, July 2023

Since Beer Events, the company that organises the Barcelona Beer Festival and InnBrew: The Brewers Convention (as main projects) has had the visibility of women brewers as a priority objective, so much so that the main axis worked on in mid-communication for the unfortunate BBF2020, already dealt with this subject. For that festival, which finally did not take place due to the onset of the pandemic, a Manifesto was also drafted and work began on prevention and action protocols for possible cases of sexual and labour harassment or discrimination, immediately applicable to both the festivals (organisation and public) and the participating companies. The extract was published by BBF21 and here you can see the content.

Since the beginning of InnBrew: The Brewers Convention and already in its first edition (July 2021) Judit Càrtex (director of InnBrew) and believing that in a developing and growing sector such as beer it would be very useful to detect harassment, define it and act on it, laying the foundations for the creation of protocols and forging basic tools throughout the value chain, she organised and moderated a round table on the subject: ‘The root of harassment, typologies and the new protocols’ with Natxo Parra (lawyer from Col·lectiu Ronda) and Solange Hilbert (social lawyer from Cooperativa de Asesoramiento Jurídico y Transformación Social IACTA) where a new sensitivity of a problem that was starting to worry and show cases within our field was generated. (This and all the presentations were streamed on the Brew&Hub Talks channel).

The 3rd edition of InnBrew (may 2023) also wanted to give visibility and a voice to these women brewers who, with their work and struggle, contribute firmly to strengthening the sector, but who are very often left out of the spotlight. Once again, Judit Càrtex brought together two representatives who work for the visibility of women brewers: on the one hand, Mar Sánchez (representative of PinkBoots Society, where invisibility is attacked from the training and study grants for women brewers) and on the other, Agus Blanco (entrepreneur communicator at Lúpulo Digital and promoter of the group ‘Red de Mujeres Locales’ with campaigns of international scope such as the 8M2023 campaign This also happens in the world of beer’ where bad practices about women brewers were denounced, victims of the prevailing machismo that still exists today). (This and all the presentations were streamed on the Brew&Hub Talks channel).

At InnBrew, spaces for debate, reflection and struggle are generated, spaces that are absolutely necessary for normal brewing development and where support is needed for these working women in a world that still has too many patriarchal tics. We are proud to be part of it from the inside, as a festival of innovation and transformation.