The award was collected as part of the InnBrew: The Brewers Convention, surrounded by colleagues.

A pioneer in the sector, he has been the engine of craft beer for twenty-five years in projects such as Humulus Lupulus, La Cerveteca and Homo Sibaris.

Barcelona, ​​July 20, 2023

The fifth edition of this recognition has gone to Guillem Laporta, a pioneer in the sector in Barcelona for twenty-five years, beginning his relationship with the historic Humulus Lupulus association. Later in an emblematic place like La Cerveteca in the center of Barcelona that we can consider the first place specialized in craft beer in the city. To later launch the Homo Sibaris project in the Sants neighborhood (Barcelona).

Guillem has memories even before Humulus Lupulus with Steve Huxley himself: Steve was friends with my mother’s partner. I remember well when I was fifteen years old he took me to Steve’s brewpub and how I then tasted my first half pint of Real Ale. It was a crush that still lasts.

The Steve Huxley Award for Brewing Career is one of the most emotional moments of the brewing year. More than 150 professionals from the sector are called to vote for the profile that has passionately worked in favor of craft beer, sharing the positive values ​​of camaraderie and fraternity present in our sector. In the selection process, his colleagues dedicated words like this to Guillem:

  • One of the best known names in the beer scene. Sommelier, promoter and promoter of the world of beer.
  • For his essential -and persistent- vocation to learn and teach from humility.
  • All his trajectory. Brewing association, introductory work on lambic beers, sommelier, hotelier…

The jury chose among five finalists chosen in a first round of open list, in which the entire jury was invited to propose candidates. The five finalists were:

Manuel Baltasar (Biercab) –Crafted Interview – Ohm Sweet Ohm

Susana Giner (2d2dspuma)Beers and Trips Interview 

Montse Virgili (Ales Agullons) –Beers and Trips Interview

Boris de Mesones (Boris Brew)Bar&Beer podcast interview

Guillem Laporta (Homo Sibaris)Crafted Interview – Ohm Sweet Ohm

The award was collected from the self-described ‘beret community’ made up of previous award winners. In this case, Salvador Marimon, Andrew Dougall and Carles Rodríguez, winners of the contest. Friends from many, many years ago, there were a lot of emotional words for Guillem.

The Steve Huxley Lifetime Achievement Award, created in 2019 within the framework of the Barcelona Beer Festival, aims to exalt the figure of people who work for and for the world of beer, and could not receive any other name than Steve Huxley (Liverpool , 1950 – Barcelona, ​​​​2015) teacher, disseminator, agitator, energizer, inspirer, known as the father and first instigator of the country’s craft beer sector.

In the first edition (2019), the recognition went to Carlos Rodríguez de Agullons wings, one of the pioneers in the world of craft beer in Spain and promoter and organizer, along with Montse Virgili, of the Mediona Craft Beer Show.

In the second edition (2020), the award went to Albert Barrachina, collaborator of Art Cervesers, great scholar and popularizer of beer (beer in Catalan) one of the people who has contributed the most to the development of sensory analysis and beer tasting.

In the third edition (2021), the award went to Andrew Dougall, founder of Dougall’s, brewery in Liérganes (Cantabria) and one of the pioneers of the sector at the state level. Charismatic figure, always available to share a comb and knowledge.

In the fourth edition (2022), the award went to Salvador Marimon, founder of Install Beer,For more than 25 years, he has installed most of the craft beer bars and factory service teams and beer fans. Always with a smile on his face, ready to help and share a beer with everyone.